Who Is The Mysterious Banksy?

Most consider artwork as a method of communicating feelings, as opposed to vocabulary, the course by which we communicate ideas. It doesn't matter what line there is seperating imagery and language, Banksy paints over it to make it vanish, then craftily repaints it in the strangest of areas. His images, whether he places them in public, reveals them in galleries, or hides them in museums covertly, are crammed with imagery morphed into metaphors that traverse all language barriers. But who is Banksy? We don't know his real name, although his art is obviously the product of a passionate personality. His rejection of being interviewed in person or even to bring to light his real given name has enhanced his air of secrecy throughout the years. In the UK Banksy canvas lovers allege to know the painter's genuine identity on a regular basis and even though he's been caught on cctv occasionally, he is skillful enough to keep his identity a mystery.

It wasn’t until we began to discover the concealed world of ancient Romans that paintings irrevocably started to reveal the hidden features of human society. Almost immediately humorous, inappropriate, and totally lewd actions could be discovered on almost every wall in the enlightened world.  As scientists uncovered the site of Pompeii, they were ecstatic to come across Roman wall art impeccably preserved below the ash.  They soon started laughing as they roughly translated what they revealed to be such vulgar messages as “I screwed the barmaid,” and “Celadus makes the ladies moan!”  Most impressive was the original and creative “Lucius painted this.”

Almost as contentious as his ways is the way in which Banksy canvas art takes on the painting world in general. He has been known to mock other painters for their self-importance and “lesser” art styles. He has even targeted the audience who but his art. After a famous public sale of a number of his paintings, he drew a picture of an auction on his official website using the sentence "I can't believe you idiots actually buy this sh*t." He is a active adversary of the structured art community, however he increasingly makes paintings that have become more conventional than his grafitti beginnings. By way of his talent as well as his dedication to design and his personal opinions, Banksy has turned out to be possibly the most recognizeable secret artist ever. The public still don’t know his real name or where he will appear next, while just uttering his assumed name achieves a look of recognition to the face of a person who knows something about art.