China's Legacy Of Landscape Wall Art

Various critics judge landscape canvas art to be the best kind of Chinese art. They spell from the Five Dynasties age to the Northern Song time, this is generally known as the "Great era of Chinese landscape". In the north, artists such as Jing Hao and Fan Kuan painted images of mountains, using robust striking lines, ink wash, and sharp, dotted brush-strokes. In the south Dong Yuan and Juran painted the hills and waterways of their ethnic countryside in light artwork done by way of softer, rubbed painting techniques. These two kinds of images and techniques were to become the world famous styles of Chinese landscape painting.

The Ming empire sparked cultural rejuvenation as well as renewal along with the re-establishment of a native Chinese ruling family. Large landscapes of blossom and birds became the most acknowledged paintings of the new dynasty, this displayed grandness and benevolence. The Ming state was dominated by the Manchus, a group of nomadic people. They defined their own Qing dynasty which continued for 300 years. The Manchus immediately accepted the Chinese cultural conviction and the house started to be a principal investor in artwork.

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