What Does Modern Art Mean?

There is a well known artwork by the controversial British sculptor Tracey Emin. It was exhibited at the Tate Gallery in 1999 among the few shortlisted works for the Turner Prize. It took the form of her double bed together with bedroom items, and gained a large amount of media interest. Even if it did not win the prize, its unsavoury reputation has continued.

Tracey Emin engages the audience with her blunt exploration of universal emotions. Well known for her controversial work, Tracey Emin describes intimate snippets from her life to provoke the general public. Her ability to combine her art and private life enables Emin to share with the public her most private space, to show she’s as insecure and imperfect as the rest of humankind. This in essence is what modern canvas art ought to achieve - to reveal the artist's soul which, in turn allows the public the possibility to have compassion and to determine their own inner self.

The artwork generated significant press attention, predominantly over the detail that the bed clothes were marked by body fluids and the floor had objects from the artist's room. For instance condoms, a pair of her underwear and everyday bits and pieces including a pair of slippers. The bed was exhibited as it was, when Emin hadn't moved from it for some days due to serious depression, caused by relationship issues.

At Mohka we really like the controversial work of Tracy Emin and find her fascinating. It's great to see an artist so open and willing to be different. We have an amazing selection of modern wall art, with over 500 unique designs we hope to find something that you can appreciate and be inspired by, as we are by Tracey Emin.