Understanding Abstract Wall Art

Abstract art is not to be understood straight away, you need to decide how the picture makes you feel and what you see in it. Most abstract art isn’t straight forward, most artists could draw a perfect Rose or portrait but they choose to distort it to change how people think and receive it. Sometimes abstract wall art can make people feel uneasy, as they don’t know how the image is meant to make them feel or what it’s portraying.

When trying to understand a painting and more specifically an abstract painting don’t try and judge it in ten seconds. Let it wash over you, like you would with a song as you listen to the lyrics and take them in. Give it time and try to look into the shapes, colours and lines to see if you can find a message personal to yourself.  I think it’s important to recognise the colours as painting in deep reds would evoke a completely different feeling from one in soft curves of yellow and white.

At Mohka we have a huge range of abstract canvas art. We find some of the artwork so interesting such as the Mis-hap Multi and the Illusive Rainbow Trees, the colours and shapes they use just make your mind wonder. With such an extensive collection of abstract pictures you’re bound to find that perfect piece.