Using Canvas Stretcher Bars

A stretcher bar is used to put together a wooden stretcher frame used by artists to frame their canvas pictures. They're normally a wooden framework foundation which an artist fastens a piece of canvas to. A stretcher is basically a frame and can be constructed in a variety of ways. Most commercially available stretchers come in parts with interlocking corners like a puzzle, you simply fit them together and your stretcher bar is ready.

At Mohka we take pride in our work andmake sure we use the best quality wood possible for the stretcher boxes. We use the finest European kiln dried wood, by using this wood it stops the stretcher bars from warping, this is because the moisture has already been removed. This provides for the most stable and quality choice for stretcher bars and frames. It’s very rare to find any knots in our bars because the wood we use is carefully selected, knots are considered imperfections and are a sign of weak timber so we never use them. Our wood is sourced from sustainable suppliers who have strict environmental policies.

The team at Mohka work hard to make sure all stretcher bars are checked and of high quality before being put to use, this ensures your canvas picture will be fixed to a quality frame and perfect for hanging straight from the box.