Picasso Breaking The Mould

Pablo Picasso has gone down as one of the most influential artists of the 20thcentury. Picasso was known for a wide variety of styles but most importantly for co-founding the Cubist movement. Picasso is regularly regarded as one of three artists who revolutionised the plastic arts and responsible for significant developments in painting, sculpture and printmaking. His revolutionary artistic accomplishments brought him universal renown and making him one of the best known figures of the 20th century.

At Mohka we appreciate what Picasso has done for the art world, more specifically his abstract art, which can be seen all over the world on abstract wall art. At Mohka we have a large range of abstract art which takes inspiration from many of Picasso’s abstract pieces. The purpose of cubism is to depict different viewpoints in a single image. Picasso’s desire was to represent an object as if being viewed from several angles or at different moments in time.

We take great pride in offering an extensive range of abstract canvas art. From fiery red abstract canvas art including Red Horizon to cool, artistic prints like Abstract Twisted Glass, we have something for everyone.