Colourful Canvas Prints

Whether you're defusing a ticking time bomb, or you're trying to decorate your house, if you choose the wrong colour you're doomed. Well it's not the end it's just crucial when choosing a colour to get it right. Choosing a colour is no simple matter, there are aesthetic and identity considerations to take into account.

There is a wealth of knowledge avaliable to help choose the right Blue canvas prints, from psychological guidelines to tried and tested colour theories, so don't worry too much if you choose the wrong shade of purple canvas art, you can work with it.

Colour psychology is a field of study that's devoted to analyzing the emotional and behavioral effects produced by colour and colour combinations. Home decorators want to know which colour will transform an office into a relaxing workspace. Resturant owners are dying to know which colour combinations will make you want to supersize your meal. Colour psychology plays a big part when choosing colours.

Many people have emtional connections to colours. The colour red is known for stimulating and also increasing humam metabolism. red canvas art is an exciting colour, it's dramatic and is also the colour of passion. The colour brown can be applied to rooms to give a calm and stable living space also brown canvas print connects us to the earth.

Choosing a purple canvas art you'll be giving off messages such as power, wealth and extravagance. If you're searching for a colour to make people feel calm and clear choose Blue canvas prints it's been found to calm people down it can also reduce appetite. As you can see colour psychology is big business.

At Mohka we pride ourselves for having over 20,000 unique colour designs to choose from. Our extensive range covers all shades and variants so you'll find the perfect canvas for your home, office or work place.

Rainbow Swirls Abstract Canvas