The World's Largest Canvas Art

The large canvas art in the world was created by Ando, an Australian artist with a unique set of skills. Ando's The Big Picture measures at 100 meters by 12 meters at its highest point, it's alleged to be the world's biggest acrylic painting on canvas by a lone painter. Ando used 3 tonne of paint on one and one half tonne of canvas, his remarkable style of super realism brings the setting to life with virtually photographic characteristics.

Ever since Ando's Big Picture, painters around the world have continuously tried to out do it his incrediable piece of art, it wasn't long before someone did. In Stockholm, Swedish artist David Aberg produced a whopping 8,000 sqaure metre painting. 

It took Aberg 30 months and 100 tonnes of paint to finish and perfect the work. The Guiness World Records in London confirmed it was the largest painting by a lone artist, more than twice the size of the previous record holder. Aberg called it Mother Earth and it depicts a women holding a peace sign.

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