Triptych Canvas Art

Multi-panel canvas pictures are becoming increasingly more popular today, artists are designing more artwork over several pieces of canvas to create a more visually pleasing image. A piece of artwork spread over 2 panels known as diptychs or 3 panels triptych are visually more striking and help pull of a variety of effects, this gives the artist more room to work with.

Having looked at triptych art it becomes clear that it's not just a chain of prints. In fact they are one distinct painting that is spread out over seperate pieces, forming one image out of a variety of smaller canvases. This leaves you with a panel set that needs to be aligned carefully to retain the desired image.

It's important when printing multiple canvases to remember to print them on high quality wrap canvas and hung close together, with a customarily space of between 1 and 2 inches seperating each piece, this helps take advantage of the look of a triptych canvas. The good thing about a multi-panel canvas is that it can help add a new dimension to a relatively boring subject.

We at Mohka pride ourselves on the range of triptych canvas print that we offer. From the latest modern triptych art ro striking abstract triptych art we are sure to have what you're looking for. Our range is second to none and hope you enjoy your canvas.