Giclee Canvas Features

When people look to decorate rooms in their house they will most likely pick a couple of pieces of art. While most people would like to own an original piece, it's not always possible as original pieces carry high prices and are usually out of peoples budgets. This is where canvas print come in, they're more widely avaliable and afforadle, so you can own a masterpiece without the hefty price tag.

When you think about how much time an artist puts into producing a single piece of artwork, it seems impossible to be able to re-produce them in a timely manner to be able to make any money. Canvas giclee prints gives you the oppurtunity re-produce artwork at low cost and with minimal effort but to a high quality. Giclee canvas is printed using Inkjet technology and colourfast colours ensuring a quality canvas print and when hung away from direct sunlight the colours will remain true for up to 25 years.

Most giclee prints are finished on professional artist canvas, the reason being that most original artworks were created on canvas and being printed on professional canvas brings it closer to being the real McCoy. At Mohka we ensure our giclee canvas prints are printed on the higest quality canvas and we inspect all canvas before printing to ensure you recieve the best quality picture possible.