Matisse And His Amazing Colours

Matisse discovered his passion for art in an unusual way, following an attack of appendicitis his mother brought him some art supplies and started painting. Matisse said "From the moment I held the box of colours in my hands, I knew this was my life." Matisse was widely known for creating artwork with amazingly striking colours such as red canvas, yellow and blue. He was a amoung a group of artists who foudned Fauvism which meant the artists works emphasized different brush strokes and strong colour.

One of Matisse's best known paintings was The Egyptian Curtain, it's a wonderful painting whose colour radiates sunshine. The Egyptian Curtain is said to be an accurate reflection of the way we look at things, it has been said that if you stand inside a room on a sunny day and stare through the window at something, your eyes become adjusted to the brightness of the sunlight. WHen you look back at something in the room, you are partially blinded while your eyes adjust to the change of light. Matisse used this theory whilst painting The Egyptian Curtain to increase the lumiance of his colour.

At Mohka we love Matisse's work and his use of amazing colour. We find it empowering and a great source of inspiration, espcially if the weathers dull. We offer a large range of red wall art that encompass the same striking and vibrant colours like Matisse. What ever size or image you choose, the team at Mohka will ensure that only the highest quality materials are used.