Contemporary Film Canvas Art

A notable movie poster is a tricky thing to find. The majority of posters are cut and paste jobs that don't persuade somebody to buy the movie well the least bit. A great poster is meant to fascinate, surprise, engage & excite. It would ideally be visually attractive or innovative. Especially, it must be so memorable that with a solitary glance it will be immediately identifiable.

Ultimately, what was only a one-time-use reproduced canvas designed for movie promotion, started to be renowned as poster art. Almost immediately, creative film posters started to become amongst the most in-demand items of film merchandising, with unusual contemporary wall art frequently realizing vast sums at fine art auctions.

"In Space No-One Can Hear You Scream", "Where's the Beef?", "The Ultimate Driving Machine" These, plus a variety of similar publicity slogans have penetrated the public's psyche. The immediately familiar slogans are truisms of our generation. They conjure images of triumph and thoughts of comfort.

They're just the results of a multi-billion pound industry directed by a handful of massive international enterprises that invent multi-level marketing campaigns. They utilize these slogans in films and film posters to drive the general public to purchase products, services, and ideas, among other profit-making products. The sayings are engineered in order to educate us to become committed consumers, and they normally succeed.

Vintage Russian posters are the focus of art exhibitions around the world and professional enthusiasts will shell out hundreds of dollars for a hand-painted poster of well known movies. Though the posters are seen as art, not everyone agrees the painters are actual artists. Today if you are employing a hand-drawn poster the public will assume it is a cheap movie.

Of late those marquees are increasingly a fading art. Painters who specialize in making film posters are finding it more challenging to come across employment because movie producers have shown a preference for for polished computer designed canvas prints. A hand-painted contemporary canvas film advertisement costs between £100 and £200 and are typically displayed in a handful of cinemas before the elements fade them. A digitally-engineered poster printed on plastic costs as much as £500, however can travel to more than 20 theaters before it fades.